Train Control and Management System (TCMS)

The Trainnet® TCMS is the system controlling the train. It is responsible for automation, diagnostics and communication throughout the train.

Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

The Trainnet® Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is a powerful train computer for advanced control and diagnostic functions.

Remote Input Output Module (RIOM)

The EKE Trainnet® RIOM enables data input and output to the Consist Network within the vicinity of the I/O sources rather than connecting to the consist train computer.


TCN Gateways (multiple bus)

The Trainnet® Gateways enables you to build efficient Train Communication Networks using WTB, MVB, CAN, Ethernet and Serial Link bus interfaces.

WTB Gateway

The Trainnet® WTB Gateways are used to create Train Communication Networks (TCN). Each WTB gateway comes with at least one WTB (Wire Train Bus) interface module.

MVB Gateway

The Trainnet® MVB Gateways are used to create train consist networks and train-wide communication networks. The MVB physical medium can be ESD, EMD or OGF.

CAN Gateway

The Trainnet® CAN Gateways are used to create train consist networks. CAN gateways come with at least one CAN interface module which implements the CAN link layer functions.

Ethernet Gateway

The Trainnet® Ethernet Gateways are used to create train consist networks and train-wide communication networks.

Serial Link Gateway

The Trainnet® Serial Link Gateways are used to create train consist networks even though they are commonly used for direct train sub-system integration. Trainnet® Serial Link Gateways come with at least two serial interfaces.

Train Communication Network (TCN)

Trainnet® TCN is a state-of-the-art Train Communication Network used all around the world. It complies with the IEC 61375 standard and offers a wide range of interfaces.


Ethernet Switches

Trainnet® Ethernet Switches enables you to create Ethernet Train Backbones (ETB), Ethernet Consist Networks (ECN) and more.


Event Recorders (ER)

A Trainnet® Event Recorder is an on-board data recorder for collecting and storing vital train-borne information. You can choose from several sizes and level of protections.

Juridical Recording Unit (JRU)

The Trainnet® Juridical Recording Unit (JRU) is a train event recorder complying with the ERTMS/ETCS standard. It collects, stores and retrieves vital train-borne information.


Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The Trainnet® Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are interactive displays. They can be used as train driver’s, crew’s interactive information display or CCTV monitor.


ISaGRAF PLC Software

The ISaGRAF Software is meant for efficient programming of PLC applications for Trainnet® Systems and complies with the IEC 61131standard.

Train Inspection Program (TIP)

The Trainnet® Train Inspection Program (TIP) is a Software tool used for the download and analysis of the recorded data stored in the Trainnet® Event Recorders.

Portable System Tester (PST)

The Trainnet® Portable System Tester (PST) is a Software tool used to perform diagnostics and configure the train computers/gateways.



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