Condition Based Maintenance For Train, Metro, Tram and Track Infrastructure

Monitor | Identify | Manage

EKE-Electronics, in collaboration with VR FleetCare, have developed an advanced system for remotely monitoring the health of trains, their subsystems and track infrastructure known as SmartVision™. It provides a complete condition monitoring solution enabling the implementation of condition-based maintenance.

Designed for power

SmartVision™ is an IoT-based fleet monitoring system bringing the power of cloud computing to access sophisticated analytics for the remote collection and analysis of on-board train systems and infrastructure.

Designed for ease

Our easy-to-use web-based user interface turns data into actionable information to make informed business decision about when to perform maintenance based on the condition of your fleet and infrastructure. Our system allows you to view the status of your whole fleet and infrastructure in one place.

Designed for growth

SmartVision™ is a modular system that provides flexibility and scalability to grow your condition based maintenance and digitization ambitions over time.

Designed for the future

The SmartVision™ system is future-proofed enabling you to expand it to monitor the condition of critical or "troublesome" components with additional sensors at a later date, if there is a a business case to do so.

SmartVision™ Products

SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring

Developed in collaboration with VR FleetCare

Developed in collaboration with VR FleetCare SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring measures the smoothness of ride experienced by a normal in-service train passing in full load and with full speed over the track. These frequent measurements complement rarely produced track geometry measurements from measurement trains. Sudden and quickly developing problems, such as broken rails or damage caused by wheel slip are detected. Early detection can result in a cheaper cost of repair and reduces the risk of secondary damage.

Being continuously aware of the condition of your track and train assets enables you to optimize your maintenance operations

The correct action

In the correct location

At the correct time

SmartVision™ Train Condition Monitoring

Developed in collaboration with VR FleetCare

SmartVision™ collects data from management and diagnostic systems of trains, metros or trams and/or from additional sensors installed to monitor such assets, where condition monitoring brings added value in form of reduced maintenance costs or improved operations. Based on the collected data, SmartVision™ helps operators or maintainers to understand the status of their fleets and thus make the right decisions regarding operations and maintenance on a daily basis as well as identify developing failures at an early stage and be able to manage the maintenance process based on the condition of the assets.

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