Project Management

Whether you are a train builder, operator, or system integrator we have a proven delivery model to match your business requirements.

EKE-Electronics’ project management model has been developed to meet the requirements of TCMS projects for new fleets and fleet upgrades up to full system modernisation. The project framework contains processes to manage the full life cycle of the solution from early specifications to support and end-of-life replacement.

Our competencies

Technical solutions are developed using the proprietary EKE-Electronics system platform accompanied by carefully selected third-party components. We can deliver fully functional certified applications or offer expert-level support to develop, on your own, the applications you need.

We endorse the use of agile methodology integrated with industry-specific requirements for all our software development. As a result, we have successfully delivered multiple solutions containing SIL1 and SIL2 safety functions to fleets across the world.

This brings true life predictability in life cycle costs and peace of mind for persons responsible for the fleets for years to come.

Our customer service provides aftercare support so that you can offer the best service to your customers for increased customer satisfaction.

Reliable Hardware

Minimising the need for service.

Diligent Documentation

Enabling dynamic obsolescence management.

Full System Traceability

To ensure compatibility of spare parts.

On time delivery

Functional Safety engineering

Advanced testing practises

Project Management

EKE-Electronics’ dedicated project management team delivers reliable technical solutions to meet your business requirements. The team’s mission is to deliver high-quality solutions on time and within budget.

Our experienced Solution Engineering team converts requirements to functionality, meeting the customer’s needs whether the project is a new build or retrofit of an old fleet.

We have a wealth of experience in leading customer projects with functional safety requirements and have certified solutions operating in different fleets in a growing number of countries. The development process for SIL 1 and SIL 2 has been validated by multiple Independent Safety Assessors around the world.

We employ sophisticated test automation to maximise test coverage and repeatability to optimize the validation and verification of the solution. This reduces the test time required on track during the commissioning phase.

Whether you are a train builder, rail operator or train system integrator we have a ready delivery model to match and support your business model.

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