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We provide leading technologies to train manufacturers, operators and integrators for efficient train manufacturing and operations. Our versatile offering includes tailored solutions for system integration, train automation, train communications, train diagnostics and improved safety.


About us

EKE-Electronics Ltd is the leading provider of Train Control and Management System (TCMS) and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) with turnkey project management and safety control systems. 

The EKE-Trainnet® platform includes solutions for system integration, automation, communications, diagnostics and improved safety. We develop functional safety solutions (SIL) to meet your requirements and to make your train control and management systems safer and more reliable.

SmartVision™ is an advanced system for remotely monitoring the health of trains, their subsystems and track infrastructure. It provides a complete condition monitoring solution enabling the implementation of condition-based maintenance.

We offer solutions and technologies to rolling stock manufacturers, train operating companies, system integrators and rail fleet maintenance companies as well as to infra owners and fleet and infra maintainers. Our solutions ensure efficient train manufacturing, operations, and condition-based monitoring. Our solutions are designed to fit for all kinds of trains: high speed trains, commuter trains, metros, trams, passenger coaches and locomotives.

Our expertise includes

  • Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS)
  • Train Communication Networks (TCN)
  • Vehicle Control Units (VCU)
  • Gateways (MVB, WTB, CAN, Serial Links, Ethernet) 
  • Event Recorders
  • Remote Condition Monitoring Systems 
  • Wireless communication capabilities
  • Turn-key project management and engineering services

The proven record shows that EKE-Electronics has delivered tens of thousands of systems around the world. We are continuously developing systems and applications to continue serving our customers with the highest quality and reliability. 

EKE-Electronics is IRIS certified and our products comply with the railway industry standards such as EN 50155.

Our Mission

We strive for customer loyalty by providing world-class products and services and act responsively for our current and new customers globally. Our products and services are innovative and exceed the market requirements. We are a profitable and sustainable growing company, and we improve our profitability through efficient operational processes. We attract and retain people by providing interesting work with opportunities to grow. 

Our Vision


EKE is the most preferred and trusted partner in providing Train Communication and Management System and Services in selected global markets.

Professional and international teamwork at EKE

Teamwork at EKE is vital to its success and is conducted in a multicultural and international environment. Our professional team has grown fast during recent years, and now it consists of around 100 people. We are operating from our Headquarters in Espoo.

EKE-Electronics provides state-of-the-art electronics and automation solutions for the railway industry worldwide. To maintain its competitive edge, we rely on world-class processes, modern technologies, agile development methods, and highly skilled professionals. Whether you work in Engineering, Software Development, or Project Management, EKE provides a great environment to develop as a professional and person.


We attract and retain people by providing interesting work with opportunities to grow

Working at EKE-Electronics you can see your work being used around the world. There are few more gratifying feelings than travelling to distant locations such as in Europe, Australia or South America and riding on a train that you helped run smoothly and safely. 

Commitment from shareholders

EKE-Electronics is privately owned company, with strong roots with family-owned EKE Group. The shareholders are committed to the long-term development of EKE-Electronics, to retain employees and protect internal know-how. As an example, most of the EKE-Electronics employees have been working for the group for more than ten years and consequently have gained incomparable knowledge and experience.

Mitsubishi Electric became the minority shareholder of EKE-Electronics in 2020.

Mitsubishi Electric and EKE Group share the joint commitment to creating technological excellence and sustainable long-term growth. This partnership offers a wider portfolio, more comprehensive solutions and projects for all customer segments.

The story behind EKE-Electronics