EKE at RSN - 4th July 2024


For almost four decades, EKE-Electronics have been proud suppliers of Train Control and Management System solutions to train manufacturers, operators, and integrators around the world. We provide tailored solutions for system integration, train automation, train communications, train diagnostics, and improved safety.

Train Control & Management System

EKE-Trainnet train control and management system exemplifies dependability in railway operations. With a steadfast focus on safety and efficiency, our solutions ensure enduring reliability for railway operations worldwide.

SIL Safety

At EKE-Electronics, we excel in developing SIL 2 systems across diverse safety functions, following strict standards like EN50126/50128/50129. With our proven track record and rigorous practices, we deliver unmatched reliability in safety-critical solutions.

Condition Based

SmartVision is EKE-Electronics’ condition-based and predictive maintenance platform, allowing convenient fleet health monitoring via a browser-based interface. Our Monitoring as a Service feature enables automated fleet monitoring regardless of train manufacturers.

What Have EKE Achieved?

We work with some of the biggest train builders and operators earning the trust and loyalty of our returning customers. There are over 35,000 EKE systems in operation around the world, serving our customers with unparalleled safety, performance and cost-effectiveness.


Whom Do EKE Worked With?

How Do EKE Work?

We offer a flexible business model tailored to each customer’s unique capabilities and resources. Our customised solutions provide the optimal balance of support and independence for train projects.

Turnkey Projects

We are responsible for the complete architecture design, software implementation, and commissioning of the first trainset.

Delivery Projects

Standard EKE-Trainnet platform, enabling independent configuration and programming of application software using our development environment powered by CODESYS®.

Solution Projects

Specific solutions and applications are delivered to customers to solve a particular problem or challenge, meeting requirements specified by the market or the customers.