EKE at RSN - 4th July 2024

Train Communication Network Gateways

Modular concept of Train Communication Network Gateways

EKE-Trainnet TCN Gateways are advanced and modular train computers used in the creation of efficient Train Communication Networks (TCN). The modularity of the TCN Gateways enables a precise selection of the required train bus and vehicle bus technologies for each individual configuration. Modules can be freely combined for a very flexible and versatile solution. The modular design of EKE-Trainnet TCN Gateways offers cost-efficiency and quick and easy repairs and upgrades.

Ethernet Switches

EKE-Trainnet TCN Gateways usually consist of a central processing unit (CPU), a power supply and at least one bus interface module. EKE has developed a comprehensive range of CPUs, power supplies and bus interface modules to accommodate various technical requirements and budgets.

Examples of commonly used EKE building blocks – bus interfaces, for the TCN Gateways – are introduced here. EKE-Trainnet TCN Gateways can combine the following train and vehicle bus technologies to optimally suit the required train communication architecture:

EKE-Trainnet Ethernet Gateways are used for creating train-wide communication networks and train consist networks:

EKE-Trainnet TCN Gateways are designed with ease of use in mind. The interface connectors are located at the front panel of the modules whenever applicable, and the modules communicate with each other via the backplane VME bus. Mechanical coding of the connectors is also available.

EKE-Trainnet TCN Gateways are usually provided as fully integrated systems, fitting typically in 20TE, 44TE or 84TE wide racks. The rack height is typically 3U or 6U. Other modules, such as event recorders and discrete input/output modules can also be integrated into the same rack to build a compact and cost-efficient train computer or TCMS.