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Remote Input/Output Module

Functions of remote input/output modules

EKE-Trainnet Remote I/O Module (RIOM) enables data input and output within the vicinity of the I/O sources. It is used as an alternative to connecting I/O sources directly to the train computer, e.g. Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), and it can lead to reduced cabling and thus cost savings.

Key features of RIOM

EKE-Trainnet Remote Input/ Output Module (RIOM) supports both analogue and digital inputs/outputs. Most EKE-Trainnet I/O modules can be used, including analogue input modules, analogue output modules, digital input/output modules, digital relay outputs, as well as temperature sensor interfaces for Pt100, Pt100, and NTC sensors. The EKE-Trainnet RIOM includes an interface module used for communications with the train computer. It is also equipped with an independent power supply (EKE-Trainnet PSR module).

Options of RIOM


EKE-Trainnet Ethernet RIOM is equipped with one Ethernet interface for connectivity with the train computer (CPE module).
EKE-Trainnet MVB RIOM uses MVB interfaces to connect with the train computer. The MVB physical interface is available with Electrical Medium Distance (EMD). as well as with Electrical Short Distance with galvanic isolation (ESD+) mediums, both with two connectors.

Number of modules

In its most compact version, RIOM can use up to 8 EKE-Trainnet I/O modules and be fitted into a 44TE rack.
An 84TE rack version is also available as an option to fit up to 18 I/O modules.

EKE-Trainnet I/O modules

Analog input module

Analogue Input Module (AIM)

EKE-Trainnet Analogue Input Module (AIM) provides a standard interface for analogue input signals. Signals can be current (-20…+20mA) and voltage (-10…10V).

Digital Input/Output Module (DIO)

EKE-Trainnet Digital Input/Output Module (DIO) provides a standard interface for digital input and output signals.

Analogue Output Module (AOM)

EKE-Trainnet Analogue Output Module (AOM) provides a standard interface for analogue output signals.

Digital Relay Output Module (DRO)

EKE-Trainnet Digital Relay Output Module (DRO) provides standard relay contacts.

High Speed Analogue Input Module (HSA)

EKE-Trainnet High Speed Analogue Input Module (HSA) provides a standard interface for analogue input signals. Signals can be current (-20…+20mA) and voltage (-10…10V).

Pt100/Pt1000 Temperature Sensor Interface (PTI)

EKE-Trainnet PTI module is a temperature sensor input for Pt100 and Pt1000 temperature sensors.

Temperature Sensor Interface (TSI)

EKE-Trainnet Temperature Sensor Interface (TSI) acquires the signals from the Pt100, or Pt1000 or NTC temperature sensors (resistance measurement) and converts them into temperature values expressed in degrees Celsius. The used sensor type can be configured by software.