Vigilance Control System


EKE-Trainnet Vigilance Control System (VCS) can also be referred to as Dead Man’s Switch or Driver Safety Device (DSD). EKE-Trainnet Vigilance Control System (VCS) increases train safety by checking the train driver vigilance at all times. When the driver is unable to react, the train is automatically stopped.


In practice, the train driver is notifying his vigilance by pressing a pedal or a dedicated momentary push button, thus sending a signal to the EKE-Trainnet Vigilance Control System (VCS). The VCS can also monitor other actions, based on your needs.

In case the VCS stops receiving signals, alarms are activated according to a predefined schedule. The first alarm is a blinking light (T1). Should the driver fail to respond within the allowed time frame, a bell ring will be heard (T2). Finally, if still no action is detected from the driver, EKE-Trainnet VCS will automatically send a command for train emergency braking to ensure passengers’ safety (T3). Automatic braking is also triggered if EKE-Trainnet VCS is powered off.

EKE-Trainnet Vigilance Control System can be easily customized, should you need different alarms or a modified setup. For instance, the times T1, T2 and T3 can be configured based on your requirements. It is also possible to set a minimum speed under which the system is not activated (e.g. 10 km/hour). The system can be used standalone or used as part of a more comprehensive EKE-Trainnet system.

The modularity of the system allows you to add as many input and output channels as you wish, by simply adding new modules and/or choosing a larger rack. The VCS can also store the status of vigilance, events and signals, acting as an event recorder. Messages can also be sent to the wayside if the train is equipped with the appropriate system.


EKE Trainnet VCS can be certified up to SIL 2.