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All the products are part of the EKE-Trainnet family and use the same modular platform for maximum freedom and synergy. With the EKE-Trainnet product platform, you keep full control, maximise performance, and minimise hardware, software and footprint while saving money. At the same time reliability increases while maintenance and stock reduce.

EKE-Trainnet Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS)

Modern trains are equipped with an increasing number of intelligent sub-systems to cope with the demands for improved performance, safety, energy efficiency, and comfort. This evolution brings several challenges to train manufacturers, operators, and system integrators such as a lack of interoperability and integration between the different sub-systems which leads to complicated system architecture and various technical challenges. EKE-Trainnet provides tailored solutions for system integration, train automation, train communications, and improved safety. We have solutions for high-speed trains, commuter trains, metros, trams, passenger coaches, and locomotives.

System integration

Integrate on-board systems via an efficient and versatile Train Communication network (TCN). Hy­brid networks are also supported.

Train Automation

Automate train operations and diagnostics by developing a powerful Train Control and Management System (TCMS).

Onboard Communication

Communicate with passengers and staff in the train and beyond via displays, audio announcements and wireless technologies.

Improved safety

Improve safety with our SIL technology, redundancies and safety enhancing systems such as Event Recorders and video surveillance.

Cyber Security

At EKE-Electronics we have a strong focus on cyber security. We strive to follow the information security requirements on ISO 27001.New products are developed to full SL2 compliance as per IEC 62443.We provide a security gateway device to separate the mission critical network from non-mission critical networks and to analyse the traffic to detect any anomalies (attacks).

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