Vehicle Control Unit

Functions of Vehicle Control Unit

EKE-Trainnet Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is a powerful computer for train automation. The VCU can carry out advanced control and diagnostic functions. The EKE-Trainnet VCU can control any train sub-system such as brakes or doors. It can be used for both physical control (e.g. opening/closing/locking the doors, activating heating/cooling/ventilation etc.) and diagnostics (e.g. checking the proper closing of a door, monitoring brake temperature etc.) of train sub-systems. EKE-Trainnet enables these control and diagnostic applications to run on the same train computers that are used for Gateway functionalities, providing a more compact and cost-effective solution. Physically separated Gateways can also be implemented.

Key features of Vehicle Control Unit

The EKE-Trainnet VCU can connect with sub-systems and the Train Communication Network. Available interfaces include a wide range of bus technologies (e.g. WTB, MVB, CAN, Serial Links and Ethernet) and Input/Output Interface Modules (Analogue Input, High Speed Analogue Input, Digital Input/Output, Digital Relay Output, Analogue Output, Pt-100/PT-1000/NTC Temperature Sensor Input). Remote Input/Output Modules (RIOM) are also available.

Typical applications for the Vehicle Control Unit include:

More Control

The EKE-Trainnet VCU is a powerful and highly flexible system built on an open-source software platform (Linux). You are free to develop your own applications as well as to integrate third-party Hardware and Software onto the Trainnet® platform. With EKE-Trainnet, you can develop your own applications using the CODESYS PLC Software. You can also develop applications and make configuration modifications in C language, giving you full control. EKE has the expertise to develop all or a part of the Software for you, or alternatively provide training, tools and guidance to support your own developments. Finally, EKE can grant you the intellectual property rights (IPR) of the application Software in order to ensure you a safe, long-term investment.

On the Hardware side, the EKE-Trainnet VCU is modular. This means you can develop tailored systems matching your needs perfectly. By simply selecting the interfaces you need, you make sure the system answers all your demands while being cost-efficient. Systems can be easily upgraded with additional modules as needs arise.