Switch to predictive condition-based maintenance of rolling stock with SmartVision™

The data-driven future of maintenance is here – SmartVisionTM helps you to increase the efficiency of maintenance activities by predicting failures earlier. It enables you to optimise maintenance activity, save costs and increase operational efficiency.

What is SmartVisionTM?

SmartVisionTM is a cloud-based solution for predictive condition-based maintenance of trains, metros and trams. It differs from other solutions for online monitoring and predictive analytics available on the market by its extremely accurate and reliable data-driven adaptive anomaly detection technique, which provides the fundament for the predictive analytics. The adaptive anomaly detection has been developed and verified in numerous projects by the British company Humaware, which EKE has recently acquired.

SmartVisionTM can monitor and analyse all parts and systems of the railroad car, for example, ventilation, air conditioning, doors, engines, wheel bearings, to name few.

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Predict faults by extracting value from your data

SmartVisionTM major benefit is that it enables machines and their components to be repaired before they fail. Today every train provides a huge amount of data. SmartVisionTM enhances this data with sensor data whenever needed and extracts it remotely to the cloud, where algorithms analyse the current condition of the equipment, detect developing faults at their early stage, report findings online and give recommendations for further actions.


Increase uptime by repairing the right parts at the right time

What if you know all discovered and hidden faults before trains arrive for kilometre-based or time-based scheduled maintenance? SmartVisionTM helps to detect which components are critical to be maintained immediately and which ones can be used longer than expected.

SmartVisionTM is also useful for repair operations. For example, if a broken door is reported by a train conductor, with SmartVisionTM it is detected automatically which door, what type and what part of the door.


Reduce maintenance costs with dynamic service scheduling

The owners and operators of rolling stock that we talked to see enormous savings potential through the optimisation of the maintenance process. SmartVisionTM allows optimising when to maintain and what else to maintain in addition to planned issues. Condition-based dynamic service scheduling reduces costs of maintenance and increases its efficiency.


SmartVisionTM case studies

SmartVisionTM is already being applied in projects going on in the UK and Australia. London Underground will use SmartVisionTM for remote monitoring and maintenance on the Central Line as part of a major data transmission system upgrade project awarded to EKE in 2017.

Queensland Rail in Australia will use SmartVisionTM for real-time remote diagnostics, improved response times and providing valuable information for optimizing the maintenance process.  The project will be completed in 2019.


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Why to choose EKE?

The SmartVisionTM is developed by Finnish EKE-Electronics andBritish Humaware, which EKE acquired in early 2019.

EKE-Electronics is a pioneer in train automation solutions. We collect train-wide information and diagnostic data for more than 30 years and work with all leading train manufacturers globally.

Humaware possesses extensive experience in data-driven remote condition monitoring. Humaware’s predictive algorithms were originally developed for monitoring the condition of helicopters. Over the years, the software has been transferred into the rail industry.

EKE-Electronics’s SmartVisionTM combined with Humaware’s algorithms, will take you to the next level of the data-driven predictive maintenance.

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