Digital Relay Ouput Module (DRO)

Digital Relay Output Module (DRO)



EN 50155
EN 45545

Dimensions (W x H x D):
4 TE x 3 U x 160 mm
190 g
Input Power:
5 V DC ± 5 % (500 mA max., 200 mA typ.)
Temperature Range (operational):
-40 °C…+70 °C
MTBF (40 ºC ambient temperature):
830 000 h (DRO2342A)
Relay electrical life:

500 000 cycles
I/O Connector:
DIN41612-F48 (at front)
Host Interface:
RS 485
Number of Channels:
Relay Type:
Change over (SPDT) AgNi 0.15 Contacts
Maximum Switching Current vs Voltage:
24 V DC 3,5 A
48 V DC 1,4 A
110 V DC 0.5 A
Temperature Measurement:
Yes, local CPU

module functions

The Trainnet® Digital Relay Output Module (DRO) provides standard relay contacts. The Trainnet® DRO receives instructions from the train computer's CPU Module and controls output relays accordingly.

The Trainnet® DRO can be used as a part of a Trainnet® TCMS, VCU or Event Recorder. Alternatively, the Trainnet® DRO can be fitted in the Trainnet® Remote I/O Module (RIOM).


The Trainnet® DRO has 8 relay output channels located on the module's front side. Relays are of type SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw). Relay contacts are available from the DIN41612F connector at the front of the module.

The module is able to take up pre-set output states in case of emergency. If the communication between the train computer’s CPU module and the DRO fails, the relays go to emergency states that you can define in the application Software. When the Trainnet® DRO is unpowered, all relays are in Normally Closed state. Emergency states should be defined to match the wiring to Normally Open (NO)/ Normally Closed (NC) contacts.

Published on: 2017-12-19

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