Train Modernisation

Train Modernisation

Train Modernisation
Our technology and know-how enable you to modernize your trains in a more efficient way. We help you lower the costs of design, installation and operation while improving reliability, safety and performance.
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Our technology enables you to modernize your trains, for instance as part of a mid-life overhaul. The overhaul gives the opportunity to refurbish your trains but also to bring in the latest technology for conformity and improved performance. Our solutions are also suitable for completely new trains.

EKE’s technology facilitates sub-systems integration (e.g. retrofitting), improves train automation and provides modern communication and safety functionalities. It brings better passenger comfort, lower maintenance costs and make operations more efficient.

design and architecture

The Trainnet® platform from EKE is meant to simplify the design of your train by developing a robust and efficient Train Communication Network (TCN). The TCN acts as the nerves of your train, connecting all sub-systems together and enabling communication between them. The Trainnet® TCN enables you to combine old and new sub-systems. It provides you with one point of control and a simplified train architecture.

The same Trainnet® platform can be used for all applications, from the control of train speed to the creation of a passenger information system. You can control and manage your train with a single, very compact system. The cabling and amount of hardware used are dramatically reduced, saving space and lowering the costs of installation and maintenance.

integration from a to z

Trainnet® was developed with flexibility in mind. You can freely combine bus technologies such as WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L and Ethernet. It is an open platform enabling easy integration of sub-systems, including third party sub-systems. You can integrate HVAC, brakes, traction, batteries, lights, doors, sensors, and displays, to name a few. Working with EKE guarantees the development of a perfectly integrated system, preventing a lack of interoperability and coordination which often occurs when working with multiple partners and technologies.


The Trainnet® platform provides a complete Train Control and Management System (TCMS) which can be seen as the brain of your train. It can be used to control and monitor sub-systems. Examples can be the management of lighting, door opening, battery charge, air-conditioning, ventilation, traction effort, passenger information system or coach temperature. The control over sub-systems can be partially or fully automated, depending on the needs. See illustration on the facing page for some common examples.

In addition, our technology allows operators to adjust transport capacities to passenger demands by adding or removing train sets or coaches: thanks to automatic train inauguration, the train is quickly and automatically configured and ready to resume operations. This is especially important to optimise train capacities between and during peak times, for cost-efficiency. Other protocols such as train certification or brake testing can also be automated to make operations easier, faster and safer.


The Trainnet® TCMS provides in-depth diagnostic information in real-time to the driver and maintenance depot. The status of sub-systems is constantly monitored and warnings issued when limits are crossed. It is also possible to program the TCMS to automatically take corrective actions or provide instructions when a problem arise.

The number of maintenance claims can be significantly reduced, preventive maintenance rationalized, response time improved and repairs speeded up. In other words, it helps you save money and maximize train availability.

energy saving

Trainnet® systems are known for their very low power consumption. As the amount of electronics is also reduced to the minimum, Trainnet® systems are among the most energy efficient in the world. Trainnet® diagnostic and automation capabilities also allow for optimised power consumption of sub-systems, for instance traction, lighting and air-conditioning. Your train becomes more environmentally friendly and you can make savings by using less energy.


Trainnet® systems are also recognized for their high reliability. Implementing redundancy at both the hardware and software levels enables you to reduce the risks of failure even further: when a system fails another automatically takes over, thus dramatically reducing risks of train immobilisation. Automation also contributes to improve safety as it limits manual operations, reducing the risks of human error. Trainnet® also allows a number of safety applications, including the monitoring of speed, bearing temperature and lateral vibration (SIL certified).

Video surveillance systems are becoming rather standard equipment for trains, improving passenger’s and driver’s safety. Trainnet® can fully integrate and control CCTV systems as well as emergency intercoms. Finally, the Trainnet® Event Recorder can be used to protect critical train-borne information.


Travel information enables passengers to plan their journey better and is an important satisfaction factor. As mentioned previously, Trainnet® can also be used as Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and Public Announcement Systems (PA), sharing travel information and safety messages via displays, audio announcements and mobile devices.

Communications can include: station names, line-maps, schedules and real-time traffic conditions updates and so on. Infotainment (e.g. news, weather forecast, ads) can also be displayed to enhance customer satisfaction and help generate additional revenues through advertisement. Finally, Trainnet® Train-to-wayside Communication System allows sending train diagnostic data to the depot. Train fleet management and maintenance is facilitated, helping the operator to maximize train availability and customer satisfaction.

openness and ip rights

Trainnet® provides you with unparalleled freedom as its development is based on open source software. You can freely develop your own applications or let EKE do it for you. Most importantly, you own the intellectual property rights and can also integrate third party system and applications if you wish: you have full control and are not tied up with a single provider or technology.



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