EKE at RSN - 4th July 2024
This upward view shows a train moving along railway tracks with a clear blue sky in the background. The train has the livery of VR printed on the side.

SmartVision Track Condition Monitoring Article Published in Metro Rail News

We are thrilled to announce that our SmartVision Track Condition Monitoring product has been featured in the Metro Rail News Magazine!

What’s in the Spotlight?

The article, co-authored by our own Bernadette Culkin and Lalit Tejwani, from our Indian partners, Hind Rectifiers Ltd introduces to the Indian market our SmartVision Track Condition Monitoring solution. We’re setting the stage for safer, more efficient, and smarter rail operations!

Key Highlights:

  • Minimise the risk of missing significant changes or emerging issues: Discover how our comprehensive and innovative solution complements traditional geometry measurements enhancing the efficiency of monitoring, defect identification, and maintenance management for tracks and track assets.
  • Predictive-Based Maintenance and Cost Reduction: Learn how our product provides a significant value proposition compared to traditional maintenance strategies by adopting a predictive-based maintenance approach to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Effective Data Processing and Asset Mapping: Uncover how we rose to the challenge of distinguishing between vibrations caused by the bogie and those caused by the track.

If you would like a demonstration of our SmartVision Track Condition Monitoring Solution then please contact our sales team.

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Modbus TCP update

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