Train Location Solutions

Train Location Solutions for In-service Trains in Areas of Poor or Non-existent GPS

Soft odometer

Algorithmic solution developed by EKE

  • No additional equipment or integration needed
  • Sufficiently accurate at speeds above 40 km/h in tunnels up to 10 km
  • Calibration by GPS signal outside tunnels

Tachometer at axle head

  • Provides accurate distance travelled in fully underground solutions
  • Integration with existing odometer or
  • Dedicated odometer feeding signal to sensor gateway

Other tachometer solution

  • Using eddie current or hall effect sensors for reading wheel or shaft rotation speed
  • Specific solution designed per bogie type

Integration with Train Control and Management System (TCMS)

  • Receiving position data by integrating with the existing TCMS system

Beacon-based positioning

  • Calibration point for odometer or tachometer based positioning especially if several turnouts and varying routes
  • Reading information from existing beacons or
  • Adding low-cost RFID beacons to track and reader on bogie