SmartVision Overview


SmartVision™ is a flexible solution to create actionable information, which enables the operator to exploit the data collected from the rolling stock and tracks to optimise maintenance procedures. The SmartVision™ architecture balances the benefits and capabilities of edge and cloud processing for effective data management both on-board the train and for wireless communication to the cloud.

Start with data you already have

SmartVision™ can be tailored to interface to a variety of data sources.

Connect to existing systems

SmartVision™ is capable of connecting to existing systems and integrating with pre-existing data, potentially removing the need for additional sensors and edge processing components.

Receive early

SmartVision™ alerts the user to appropriate maintenance actions in advance of the fault developing to reduce service affecting failures.

Take appropriate maintenance actions

Easily perform root cause analysis of faults through data conveniently available in the SmartVision™ user interface.

SmartVision ™ incorporates:


Build system functionality in stages from a simple data monitor through to a fully capable predictive/prescriptive monitoring system.


Manage fleets of multiple assets from different generations, allowing access to data for the whole fleet from a single system.

Scalable Cloud Computing

Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) providing a turn-key solution for rolling stock and track condition monitoring.

Secure Data Management

High level of protection with cybersecurity measures taken to guarantee the privacy of customer data and avoid intrusion.

Customisable Visualisations

Personalize the appearance of the dashboard to meet the needs and requirements of each individual user.

Optimum Detection Capability

Wireless 3G/4G/WiFi router provides a secure mobile data connection to send data to the cloud in real-time.

Optimum Detection Capability

SmartVision™ incorporates Humaware’s Adaptive Anomaly Detector which provides optimum detection capability with low false alert rates. This enables SmartVision™ to provide users with trusted actionable information to optimise maintenance schedules and increase asset availability.

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