EKE at RSN 4.7.2024 and at InnoTrans 24.-27.9.2024
EKE-Trainnet TCMS for London Underground

Modernising of London Underground’s trains

The Train Control and Management System (TCMS) of the Central line and Passenger Information System (PIS)/Public Announcement (PA) system for Bakerloo Lines fleet were modernised to meet the customer’s and legislative requirements and to extend the operational life. The refurbishment project of 932 metro cars extended the fleet’s life up until the fleet’s planned end of life.

EKE-Electronics provides full turn-key modernising for the Central line fleet’s TCMS and PIS/PA solution for the Bakerloo line. The scope included a turn-key solution including installation design and prototype train installation to help the customer to plan its own works and production. The solution contains variety of systems and functionalities that include e.g., turn key TCMS and application software including sub-system integration, event recording, SmartVision condition monitoring and PIS/PA functionalities. EKE’s 35-year experience in delivering solutions to railway customers makes these challenging modernising projects possible.

CUSTOMER – London Underground Limited

LOCATION – London, United Kingdom, Europe

SOLUTIONS – Train Control and Management System Event Recorders with Rugged Memory (OTDR) and PIS/PA system incl. Passenger emergency points and cab-to-cab communication.

The London Underground Limited (LUL) is responsible for operating the London Underground and owns more than 250 stations. The Central line is 74 km long and the second busiest line in the London Underground network carrying more than 260 million passengers per year. Bakerloo line carries more than 100 million passengers per year using the oldest fleet (1972) which EKE is modernising in this project.

EKE-Electronics is an efficient trustworthy partner that provides software and hardware with the highest quality. EKE-Electronics assists with the installation and design of the systems and offers support for the future lifespan of the TCMS system.

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