EKE at RSN - 4th July 2024

EKE-Electronics scores great in the NPS survey

NPS stands for Net Promotor Score which is a metric used for surveying customer experience, and perception of a brand and thus is a good indicator to provide an anchor for customer experience management. We at EKE strive for customer loyalty and want to provide world-class products and services for the railway industry.

EKE-Electronics’ official and annual NPS survey of overall performance was carried out in October 2022. The result of this year’s NPS is great: 58. We appreciate the good response rate and value all the feedback, ideas, and comments that allow us to further develop our operations, products and services.

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Modbus TCP update

Today, EKE-Electronics are announcing the rollout of Modbus TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) client capabilities to our CODESYS® implementation, to further boost the interoperability of our TCMS systems.

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