Compact Power Supply Unit (PSR)

Compact Power Supply Unit (PSR)

EKE Trainnet® PSR3031A Front EKE Trainnet® PSR3031A Side EKE Trainnet® PSR3032A Front EKE Trainnet® PSR3032A Side
module functions

The Trainnet® Compact Power Supply Unit (PSR) is a highly reliable switching mode power supply module. It takes power directly from the train batteries. The Trainnet® PSR module is primarily designed to power the Trainnet® RIOM but can also be used for some simple VMEbus systems.

key features

The Trainnet® PSR can be operated with either 24 to 36 V DC (PSR3031A) or 48 to 110 V DC (PSR3032A) coach supply voltage and provide 5 V DC output power. The input supply is provided directly from the train battery to the PSR module through a 2W2C D-Sub connector.

The Trainnet® PSR has built-in circuitry to detect and control the input current in the event of a power-up. Controlling the in-rush current prevents component damages.

When input supply voltage is below the minimum value, Trainnet® PSR minimizes current consumption in order to prevent the deep discharge of train batteries.

The Trainnet® PSR module withstands 10 ms input power breaks without disrupting any of the normal operations. In case of a longer break in the power supply, the SYSRESET signal is activated to ensure proper shutdown of the systems.

technical specifications

  PSR3031A PSR3032A
Standards: EN 50155 / EN 45545 EN 50155 / EN 45545
Dimensions (W x H x D): 8 TE x 3 U x 160 mm 8 TE x 3 U x 160 mm
Weight: 410 g 410 g
Temperature Range (operational): -40 °C…+70 °C -40 °C…+70 °C
MTBF (40 ° C ambient temperature): 800 000 h 800 000 h
Input Voltage: 24 to 36 V DC 42 to 110 V DC
Input Voltage Range: 16.8 … 47.8 33.6 … 143
Input Fluctuation (1s) (V DC): 14.4 … 50.4 28.8 … 154
Input Current (<0.1s/1s): 7.5 A max. 4 A max.
Supported Supply Interruption: 10 ms 10 ms
Efficiency: > 80% (typically 85%) > 80% (typically 85%)
Output Power: 80 W 80 W
Output Voltage 5 V DC:    
Maximum Output Current: 16 A max. 16 A max.
Minimum Output Current: 0.1 A min. 0.1 A min.
Ripple/noise p-p: 50 mVpp (inf. to 20 MHz) 50 mVpp (inf. to 20 MHz)
Output Voltage:    
   . at nominal line, nominal load 5.15 V DC ± 2 % 5.15 V DC ± 2 %
   . at line range, load range 5.05 V DC min. 5.05 V DC min.



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