EKE at RSN - 4th July 2024
Talgo and DB

A major Train Control and Management System project awarded to EKE-Electronics by Talgo and Deutsche Bahn

The initial order includes 1500 Vehicle Control Units (VCU) and Remote IO Modules (RIOM) with options for up to 6000 units in total.


The scope of the delivery includes several critical SIL-2 (Safety Integrity Level) compliant safety functions integrated to the TCMS, e.g., detecting instabilities in bogies and wheelsets, brake failures and supervision of various train components.

The delivery is based on EKE-Electronics’ Trainnet Train Control and Management System (TCMS), the technology leader in the TCMS market. Trainnet provides a single point of control over all train sub-systems. It enables control and monitoring over virtually any sub-system and function, for instance, doors, brakes, PIS/PA, and video surveillance, to name a few.

Using a unique control and management system allows for a simplified Train Communication Network (TCN). The train architecture becomes more efficient, thus saving on development and maintenance costs. The centralized TCMS is also used to automate train operations and sub-system diagnostics, enabling increased reliability and quicker response times.

Talgo and DB


LOCATION – Deutche Bahn, Germany

SOLUTIONS – Train Control and Management Systems and safety integrity level 2 functionalities

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